Multi-cuisine restaurant in Bangalore with a twist – Hotel Vande Mataram

There are several hotels and restaurants in Bangalore; out of which Hotel Vande Mataram located at the West of Chord Road stands out to be a distinctive one. Today, where adulteration has a major role in the food industry, Vande Mataram provides pure and authentic food. Yes, you heard it right, making use of all Indian spices and providing the best food and facilities to its customers.


When it comes to Indian Food, it is indeed a complete repast. It is one of the few hotels in Bangalore where the nutritional aspect is taken care of and the food is replete with the right ingredients and right taste.

 The Special Touch

This hotel has a special touch! The organic Indian food served here is a special feature of the restaurant. It serves food which is additive free and also without artificial colors. The food is authentic Indian with aromatic flavors.  Millets and others Indian staple foods are abundant. This is not usually found everywhere but in Vande Mataram.

 The Variety and Exuberance

Out of all the restaurants in the city, it is one of those which serve Indian food extensively. Millets, ragi and other major staple foods are extensively served. Indian foods today are not found in the purest forms but here the menu is vivid with all the Indian foods. The dishes are authentic Indian with millets served abundantly which is unique and not found everywhere.


Facilities and Ambiance

Its facilities are perfect and also offer boarding and lodging. It is no doubt one of the best hotels in West of Chord Road, and it is very near to Rajajinagar and ISKCON. It has customer support facilities, Travel desk and all other necessary amenities.

All in all it is a great restaurant and with a perfect location.


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