Vande Mathram, a hotel beneath Krishna’s abode

A long journey must end on a good meal. And for all the tourists and the travelers coming from the different cities of the north can drop in for a wonderful service at Vande Matharam, located beside ISKCON and fill their appetite on a wonderful meal.

Vande Matharam Hotel is one of the best hotels in Bangalore. If you are looking for Deluxe Hotels, Boarding, Lodging in Bangalore, Outdoor catering in Bangalore, Party Hall in Bangalore, Best hotels in West of Chord Road Bangalore; Vande Matharam hotel is the option.


Taking the advantage of super fast growing fast food industry which has evolved with the changing lifestyles of the young Indian generation, it affirms to serve its customers faster. They serve all the traditional dishes ranging from breakfast, South Indian Thali to North Indian, Chinese, ice-creams and beverages.

Out of the many hotels near ISKCON Bangalore, if you are yearning for traditionality, drop by at the Vande Matharam. Their extensive food menu unlocks your mind for a warmer culture of the Southern India. The traditional atmosphere makes you feel at home.

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They believe in working together as a unified team towards a common vision and in implementing their core values. They have all the amenities that a hotel must have. So, if you are looking for hotels near ISKCON Bangalore, Vande Matharam is your best option.

Vande Matharam states service in its cause to all its customers…


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