Places to Stage Parties and Celebrate in Bangalore

In the city of Bangalore there are several places to host and celebrate your special days like birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding or any other event. These places surely make it your day a special one and a memorable one.

The city is filled with many such amazing spaces, but the smartness lies in selecting the right space which will adorn your special day and enhance its specialty. The place selected must include all the elements that will add on to the beauty and celebration. Elements like ambience, good service, quality, great food, pleasant interiors and others.
One place that comprises of all these qualities is the Vandemataram banquet hall in Bangalore!


Vandemataram is a hotel and lodging located very near to Yeshwantpur and Rajajinagar in West of Chord road.

It is a great multi cuisine restaurant comprising of cuisines like North Indian, South Indian, Chinese and Tandoor with amazing food quality and perfect ambience.

It also has lodging service that has been offering great service and quality to its customers with wonderful aura and great facilities like luxury suites, customer support, travel desk, good parking facility, Wi-Fi connectivity, laundry facilities and many more.

Vandemataram also stages catering facility and has an impressive banquet hall.
The Banquet or party hall of this hotel has perfect party environment to mark the day’s specialty. The hall is perfectly planned setup and has great facilities.
Its location is also a great feature; here the food is wonderful irrespective of the cuisine! The most important quality is the affordable price; the banquet hall has a marvelous atmosphere and the price is tantamount to it but is affordable!


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