Multi-cuisine restaurant in Bangalore with a twist – Hotel Vande Mataram

There are several hotels and restaurants in Bangalore; out of which Hotel Vande Mataram located at the West of Chord Road stands out to be a distinctive one. Today, where adulteration has a major role in the food industry, Vande Mataram provides pure and authentic food. Yes, you heard it right, making use of all Indian spices and providing the best food and facilities to its customers.


When it comes to Indian Food, it is indeed a complete repast. It is one of the few hotels in Bangalore where the nutritional aspect is taken care of and the food is replete with the right ingredients and right taste.

 The Special Touch

This hotel has a special touch! The organic Indian food served here is a special feature of the restaurant. It serves food which is additive free and also without artificial colors. The food is authentic Indian with aromatic flavors.  Millets and others Indian staple foods are abundant. This is not usually found everywhere but in Vande Mataram.

 The Variety and Exuberance

Out of all the restaurants in the city, it is one of those which serve Indian food extensively. Millets, ragi and other major staple foods are extensively served. Indian foods today are not found in the purest forms but here the menu is vivid with all the Indian foods. The dishes are authentic Indian with millets served abundantly which is unique and not found everywhere.


Facilities and Ambiance

Its facilities are perfect and also offer boarding and lodging. It is no doubt one of the best hotels in West of Chord Road, and it is very near to Rajajinagar and ISKCON. It has customer support facilities, Travel desk and all other necessary amenities.

All in all it is a great restaurant and with a perfect location.


Hotels near Yeshwantpur railway station Bangalore

Bangalore has grown in all directions. This beautiful city founded by Kempegowda had four pillars in four directions to mark the boundaries. But today, the city has outgrown these boundaries. Satellite towns and suburbs have mushroomed and it is quite a task to navigate from one part of the city to another. Moreover, it becomes a daunting task if it is a new visitor on business trip or a mere traveler who has come with a definite purpose to visit the city.

The city has quite a few railway stations apart from the main railway station. Apart from the cantonment railway station, Yeshwantpur railway station in an important station which handles heavy rail traffic.

Visitors to the city always make the mistake of booking hotels in Bangalore which are quite far from their place of work. Care should be taken to check the proximity to workplace while doing hotels booking in Bangalore.

There are many hotels near Yeshwantpur Bangalore, but one which stands apart is hotel Vandemataram. Nestled next to Iskcon, on West of Chord road, it provides one of the best facilities in lodging in Bangalore. Vandemataram is also one of the leading hotels near peenya industrial area Bangalore. It is strategically located near World Trade Centre, shopping malls and other commercial areas as well as tourist attraction spots.


vm. room g


It also has one of the finest multi cuisine restaurants in Bangalore which serves fresh and mouth watering dishes. The service is good and the ambience is perfect. The rooms are well maintained and clean. It has all the required amenities and the staff is very dedicated and cheerful. The prices are affordable and honest.

Also you cannot miss on the traditional and cultural tinge which the hotel affirms by. Vandemataram believes in the time-honored traditional richness of our country and leaves no stone unturned in achieving it.

So next time you plan to visit Bangalore, make your hotel reservations carefully and enjoy the beauty of the city as well as your hotel.

Best Hotels in West of Chord Road Bangalore

Vandemataram as the name suggests believes in keeping the rich Indian cultural values at heart. True to its name, this hotel in Bangalore has carved a place for itself in the Indian category food.




Vandemataram specializes in traditional cooking and is consciously aware of the goodness of organic foods like millets, country vegetables and traditional cuisines. This multi cuisine restaurant in Bangalore is situated in the prime locality of West of Chord road, next to Iskcon. Close to shopping malls, offices and tourist attraction places in Bangalore, this hotel is ideal for grabbing a quick bite during work hours or also spending a quiet evening with family and friends. In fact it is one of the best hotels near WTC Bangalore. The menu is a divergent with affordable prices and the service is good with great ambience.

Vandemataram also has a beautiful banquet hall which is suitable for corporate get-togethers, and with its hospitable services, food and ambience, and added to this easy access to Bangalore International Airport, makes it an ideal venue to host corporate events and guests too. It is one of the ideal hotels near Bangalore airport.

The banquet hall is well equipped to address the needs of corporate events with audio visual equipment and ambience to make all the events seamlessly easy.

It’s also ideal to celebrate your birthday parties and most important days in your life here.  Great menu and fantastic ambience with dedicated staff will leave a lasting impression over your guests for a long time.

Talking about the lodging, being situated in the city centre is an added advantage. The hotel is apt for people visiting for business as well as tourist purposes. The rooms and the ambience are perfect. The rooms are very clean, the service is great and the prices are affordable. It stands out to be one of the best Hotels in West of Chord Road Bangalore.

Hotels near Iskcon, Bangalore

Indian culture in the veins- Hotel Vande Mataram


Our culture is a blend of several cultures. It is a very primordial and a time honored one, often described as “SaprathamaSanskritaVishvavara” meaning the first and supreme culture in the world.  We live in a society that is a multi-lingual, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society. Form the very beginning, it has been a continuous practice and observance to honor and respect every existence and every minute creation of God. No culture has looked at a human being with as much depth and understanding like ours.

Having such sublime and noble values we are moving towards the goal of development with fast pace. We tend to forget our rich cultural values in this malady of fast life.  Amidst these, there is one such hotel that moved ahead towards development and betterment with all those values and gospels in it, is Vande Mataram, a hotel near Iskcon, Bangalore.

Hotel Vande Mataram

A hotel that has Indian culture, lifestyle and mores interwoven with its thrust for betterment and giving a new countenance to the world of hotels, hotel Vande Mataram has stood its path till today. It is one such hotel that believes in having an Indian touch and giving an Indian ethnic feeling to everything, from their restaurant to their lodging.

Facilities, Ambience and Service

This hotel near Iskcon, Bangalore is in the heart of the city, the hotel has perfect facilities, ambience and service. The location is very close to the Yeshwantpur railway station, many outlets and malls, metro station and others. Hotel Vande Mataram has restaurant as well lodging facilities.

Talking about the restaurant, it is a multi-cuisine one specializing in Indian cuisine and Indian flavors. It has wonderful taste and the menu is vivid with affordable prices. It has both fast food and fine dining facilities. But the ethnicity is cannot be missed. Also they provide outdoor catering in Bangalore.
Candle light dinners are a specialty here, not only the romantic, couple ones but also for the family.
About the lodging, it provides neat and clean rooms with quick service facilities. The price is also affordable compared to other lodging in Bangalore. The service is excellent with ethnic styling.

Thus, it can be said that the hotel has surely not forgotten its values and Indian tradition, yet it never fails to impress with its excellent service.

Spice up your Health Routine! – Health Benefits of Indian Spices

Who said spices are only meant to add taste and color to your dishes? The truth is, spices do better multi task than you, me or even the politicians of our country. The ancient Indian Ayurveda specialists didn’t just wake up one day and decide to use spices in Ayurveda. They had their reasons. They believed that these spices could cure many illnesses. Their belief was absolutely right as these spices worked in favour of many people suffering from certain ailments. Spices don’t only make your dish look colorful and attractive but also has health benefits in addition to the amazing tang it gives.

               cropped-indian-spices         Indian-Spices

Few of the spices that come with major health benefits are as follows

Clove: Honestly, it is not a great feeling to bite onto one of these while having your favourite dish. But did you know clove oils help with stomach issues like gas, diarrhea, nausea and bad stomach? So yes, mother doesn’t just randomly put these in the dish she prepares.
Cardamom: The outer shells of these are broken down to obtain the inner pod which is said to do wonders. With its ability to cure bloating gas, heartburn and loss of appetite, it is also a good remedy for bad breath. It contains few cancer fighting agents that are capable of preventing non-melanoma skin cancer.
Turmeric: This ingredient has played a major role in the kitchens, hospitals and many other domestic places. Remember how your grandmother would apply turmeric on your bleeding wounds to stop it from bleeding? It also treats arthritis, heartburn, and stomach pain and skin inflammations.
Cumin seeds: it helps fight flu by boosting the immune system. It also treats indigestion, nausea and morning sickness.
Asafoetida: It treats respiratory disorders like cough, asthma and bronchitis.
Black pepper: It aids in digestion, congestion, upset stomach. This also stops blood flow when applied on the cut/wound.
Cinnamon: Research suggests that it might be of help to people with type 2 diabetes as it increases insulin action.

With such remedies readily available in India, we need not cash out on imported, expensive medicine brands. Variety may or may not be the spice of life, but spice is definitely the way to live a healthy life.

At VandeMatharam, situated next to ISCKON temple, spices are the means to our delicious and yummy recipes. A judicious use of various spices, not only enhances the taste of the food but also its nutritive way. The underlying priniciple to serve healthy food free from artificial colours, preservatives and taste enhancers, VandeMatharam strives to make food the health way to life.

Get out and spice up your lives a bit!

Million Dollar Health with the Magic of Millets

Millets are one of the important food grains and possess numerous nutrients. It is said to be one of the most digestible and healthy grains. They are also one of the best alkalizing agents to our body. The various types of Millets are Finger Millet, Little Millet, Pearl Millet, Kodo Millet etc. For the diet conscious people, Millets are good alternatives for rice and wheat.

Here are 10 Health benefits of Millets
•    Best alkalizing agent, digests easily
•    They consist of magnesium that reduces the risks of heart attack and migraines
•    Millets are gluten free and non-allergenic
•    As the protein content is high they are a best bet for vegetarian diet
•    Consist of Niacin which lowers the cholesterol levels
•    Helps in prevention of Gall stone as it is a highly insoluble fiber
•    Help to lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes especially in women
•    Reduce the risk of breast cancer
•    Contain good amounts of vitamin B like Thiamin and Riboflavin


As a rich food source packed with the goodness of health and nutrients, millets are a sure way to transform your eating habits and thereby your lifestyle to a healthy one.

VandeMatharam – one of the best multi-cuisine vegetarian restaurants situated in the heart of the city near WTC, Rajajinagar, is dishing out delicacies in Millets. With a great ‘millet menu’ not only to the connoisseurs of food but also the health conscious lot, it is one of the best hotels in Bangalore that believes in millets as an organic food to a healthy way of life.

From various dosas, to tandoor rotis, to sweets made out of millets, this place is sure to entice you for repeated visits. A visit to this place, reiterates the fact that somewhere in this fast paced life we have got disconnected with our traditional healthy and nutritious way of cooking which has descended from generations. Today, all the new-age diseases like Hypertension, Blood sugar, Migraine, Stress, Low BP, Hearth alignments are nothing but the connotations of erratic eating habits and irregular lifestyle.

You get to live your life only once; let’s make it a healthy and tasty one by imbibing millets in our lifestyle.

Enjoy the Millets!